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6 Fun Facts About Chuck’s Roadhouse You Didn’t Know!

We’ve got the Chuck’s Roadhouse fun facts that will make you the random fact rock star of your inner circle. Here are some fun facts about the one and only Chuck’s Roadhouse:

  1. Each motorcycle located in a Chuck’s location is unique and previously owned by a rider.
  2. All Chuck’s steaks are AAA grade steaks that from 100% Canadian sourced beef aged for 28-40 days.
  3. In 2019, we released our very own ‘Chuck’s Roadhouse Original Steak Sauce’. It has deep rich flavours of tomato, soy sauce, Worcestershire and blackstrap molasses paired with subtle onion and garlic flavour and finishing with a clean and tart citrus note is a complimentary and satisfying combination that is difficult to reproduce and adds a blast of flavour to any item it is paired with. Chuck’s Steak Sauce is the perfect complement for grilled meats, hamburgers, hot dogs and French Fries.
  4. Chuck’s is the best bang for your buck! We’ve got steaks starting at $11, $20 Steak & Lobster, a $6 Burger, $12 Half BBQ Chicken, and Rib Day specials with a full rack at $12.
  5. Whoever your team is, whatever your sport is, Chuck’s is the best the place for the game with big screen displays, beer specials, and ½ Price Apps (every day after 9 PM).
  6. Chuck’s is changing the industry! In the last 12 months, we have expanded 27 locations and continue to grow across Canada.

We hope that you learned something new about Chuck’s Roadhouse. Hope to see you soon!!