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Fine Out What This Week’s #ChucksWeeklyPick Is!

Come one and come all and discover our feature for #ChucksWeeklyPick. Every week we choose one of our mouthwatering food items to feature as Chuck’s Weekly Pick. This week’s is the Great Canadian Burger.

Chuck’s is a one of the best restaurants around for quality and prices so it’s no wonder that Great Canadian Burger will make you want to part-EH! The Great Canadian Burger is a juicy prime rib patty topped with Peameal Bacon and cheese with a side of fries for just $10. This delicious burger is best served with ice cold beer. Our ice cold beers are priced to satisfy at 12oz Domestic Draught for $3, 18oz Domestic Draught for $5, 30oz Domestic Draught for $6.50, and 54oz Domestic Draught for $11. This is a great choice for either your lunch or dinner, or both!

Come in with your friends or family to one of our restaurants and enjoy our Great Canadian Burger and ice cold beer! Your taste buds (and your wallet) will thank you!