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#ChucksWeeklyPick Will Have You Drooling!

Welcome to this week’s edition of #ChucksWeeklyPick. Every week we choose one of our delicious menu items to feature as Chuck’s Weekly Pick. This week’s is the Buckaroo.

Chuck’s is one of the best restaurants around for the best bang for your buck with quality lunch, dinner, and dessert options at affordable prices. The Buckaroo is a warm and creamy French vanilla filling wrapped in a light, flaky pastry seasoned with icing sugar and cinnamon, topped with two scoops of ice cream and drizzled with caramel sauce. It will leave you satisfied and full! This scrumptious dessert is only $5.99 making it the perfect end to your meal…or the start. Come in for a steak dinner starting at $11, Rib Day Wednesdays, or ½ Price apps and top off any of these great meal deals with the Buckaroo.

Come in with your friends or family to one of our restaurants and enjoy our Buckaroo!